Aaron Huey

Father and Son (Part 1)

I first came across Aaron and Hawkeye Huey through Instagram.

Aaron Huey (the father) is a National Geographic Photographer, I found images of his road trips across America very fascinating, eye-opening and to a large extent inspiring! His images mostly focused on the sub-urban lifestyles. One of his prominent project was 154 days of walking across America.

download (7)aaronhuey1Cosmo and Aaronb9b00-americaaaronhuey19__1563609_orig

His attitude and spirit during his walk through the captured images, showed his enthusiasm in what he did. Walking for 154 days with his dog, Cosmo and experiencing America in a whole new different way. He captured the ordinary folks of America, and that’s what I like about photography, capturing the not-so-ordinary ordinary people.

Aaron-Slider-Life-Framer-Photography-Competition-Contest.pngI find this picture at the top, very inspiring. This picture depicts the 154 pins of places Aaron walked throughout his 1323 miles journey.

images (5)


Next, unconventional photojournalism.

Aaron Huey spent 7 years photography Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, located in South Dakota, Ogalala Lakota Native Americans reside there. From researching, I found out that US can be further divided in to ‘counties’ because of the large area of land, for governmental administration purposes, and the location where Aaron documents is one of the poorest out of the 3143 counties in America.

Aaron had to show his sincerity, by building trust and building friendship. All this did not all happen in a day. I took years of dedication and commitment. It took 7 years.

20120816-lens-huey-slide-NW9Q-blog480images (6)

In The Shadow of Wounded Kneehuey_previously_published_005

images (7)

Open as he is as a photojournalist, he wants his audience for his books too. For this series on Oglala Lakota, his book Mitakuye Oyasin, he did not include any captions for his photos, so it is up to the audiences to interpret.

All images from the Internet.
Why We Look Again: Aaron Huey at Pine Ridge

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