Bill Cunningham


That iconic blue jacket, steel bike and camera.

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The main thing I love about street photography is that you find the answers you don’t see at the fashion shows. You find information for readers so they can visualize themselves.

Bill Cunningham is a photographer that had a mind of his own. He did not conform to fashion and social norms the world set. Through his street photography, I saw how he see beauty in the ordinary, and had an eye for details.

Cunningham lived for no one. He did what he did for himself and no one else. This is a very important learning point and reminder for me. He was also a very passionate street photographer, going around in his blue jacker and steel bike, he was well-known figure and despite being famous, he was a very humble person and led a very spartan life.

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In order to know what is truly on the street, and find people with unique styles, one have to spend long hours and days, combing streets and neighbourhoods. Cunningham definitely did not merely treat his job as simply work, it was part of his life.

Cunningham collages of different street fashion, according to the different seasons are all very fascinating and eye catching.

He was a true gem.

untitledFor example in this collage, Cunningham chose to focus on the people who attended Paris Fashion Week, than those models that walked the runway. This showed that he is not afraid to stand out in the crowd of photographers.

I really enjoyed looking at the collages of photos he did, on topics that interest him. For example the image at the bottom, he did a collage on flat ballet shoes.


Many pictures of a ‘working’ Cunningham shows a smile on his face when he photographs his subjects. Personally, I think Cunningham is such a inspiration, when he was still around, he did things out of love and nothing else.


All pictures taken from the Internet.


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