Lee Friedlander

When I first saw Lee Friedlander’s self portrait in front of a store front, it reminded me of Vivian Maier’s self portrait  (Click link to link to read Vivian Maier’s post).

I like how Lee Friedlander tries to include himself in the photographs he takes. For example, through reflections and his silhouettes, his shadows. I find this interesting because most photographers prefer to be the one behind the viewfinder, but Lee Friedlander is comfortable to be behind and in front the lens.

Friedlander12.jpgimages-2images (3).jpeg9780300177299_1.jpgFrom Lee Friedlander’s self portraits, it looked like he was the pioneer of today’s selfies.

Through Lee Friedlander images I could see he explored and included framing and reflection elements in to his shots. The high contrast black and white images brought out the ordinary lives  of the people on the street.

download (5).jpegdownload-6download-7download-8friedlander15bd9db3aacd7e8ed67297a0719580e715

Lee Friedlander’s imgaes bring out a hint of casual mood and sometimes a sense of humour. Taking photos should be fun and spontaneous, for yourself and no one else.

All images from the Internet.

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