Richard Sandlr

Richard Sandlr captured every aspect of the 80s, the poor and the rich.

Through an interview on (link), Richard Sandlr stated that one word to describe what street photography has brought him and made him become, perspicacious. I think for many, shooting in the streets is an eye opener, it allows one to see what is really on the streets and more aware of what is happening around the world. On my recent trips to Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam, shooting on the street and walking through wet markets and seeing the homeless sleeping in the subways and on the streets, made me realise living in Singapore is a blessing. Even though every day may not smooth sailing, seeing what’s on the streets taught me a lot about being content and reminded me to cherish the people and things around me.

article-2497751-1950bc7c00000578-641_964x653download-10womangraffitisubway-nyc-c-1984article-2497751-1950d27b00000578-956_964x645grand-central-kodak-billboard-nyc-1982download-11article-2497751-1950bf5b00000578-13_964x655black-white-photographs-of-1980s-new-york-5All images taken from the Internet.

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