Vivian Maier

Mysterious, independent and  talented.

Vivian Maier was an unorthodox street photographer. She shot extensively in film, but was more interested in the process of shooting in the streets than developing her images. Which explains the rolls of film she left undeveloped.

I like how Vivian Maier’s creativity eye for photography. She had an eye for detail and saw opportunities at every avenue (pun intended), while walking on the streets or while being a part- time “nanny”.


Vivian Maier hung her Rolleiflex around her neck all the time, which allowed her to shot when ever and where ever she wanted. I think by hanging a camera or bringing one out is a good way to train the eye to “spot” photo opportunities and improve.

download (3).jpeg


Through Vivian Maier’s pictures, I could see the political and cultural context during that time. Men were the ones in power, very chauvinistic and women had little say in every thing. I could see Vivian Maier’s disgust as she photographed that sad truth. I like how she was ahead of her time and did not conform to such ridiculous standards of “equality”.

April 19, 1971. Chicago, IL


Her images also showed the impoverished. By being up close and personal, she managed to accurately capture what was happening on the streets. I think she sympathised with them and if she had the means, she would help them, maybe by doing one thing or another with her photos she took.

All images from the Internet.


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