Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama is a street photographer that shoots in monochrome purposefully. Not because all the photography masters shot in Black and White. Not because Black and White pictures are evergreen. These are the reasons why Daido Moriyama shoots in Black and White.

The reason why I think black and white photography is erotic is completely due to my body’s instinctive response. Monochrome has stronger elements of abstraction or symbolism. This is perhaps an element of taking you to another place. Black and white has that physical effect on me. That’s just the way I respond to things.


One distinction I can make—I’ve written about this in my essays: black-and-white photography has an erotic edge for me, in a broad sense. Color doesn’t have that same erotic charge. It doesn’t have so much to do with what is being photographed; in any black-and-white image there is some variety of eroticism. If I am out wandering and I see photographs hung on the walls of a restaurant, say, if they are black and white, I get a rush! It’s really a visceral response. I haven’t yet seen a color photograph that has given me shivers. That is the difference between the two.

Reference: 5 Lessons Daido Moriyama Has Taught Me About Street Photography by Eric Kim

At first glance, Daido Moriyama’s images may seem like random shots to some, that does not hold meaning. To me, that’s the beauty of unrestrained photography. By walking on the streets, following where his curiosity takes him, Daido Moriyama can find endless possibilities and opportunities, to point and shoot. I like how Daido Moriyama isn’t too concerned about the type of camera he uses like how many photographer are. After all, buying the best gear doesn’t guarantee anything. Daido Moriyama uses what he has and he is content. Also, he knows no bounds, he shoots what he wants on the street.
All Images taken from the Internet.

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