William Eggleston

Mundane but full of life.

William Eggleston photographs the mundane everyday things, but what I like about his photos are the colours that pop right out infront of my face. In addition, the colours bring these everyday things to life. William Eggleston is able to effectively use colours in his photographs, his flair for the use of colours gave William Eggleston an added edge and is what make his photographs interesting. During his time, many of his peers who were in to street photography mainly shot in Black and White. But William Eggleston dare to be different. Not for fame or anything glam and superficial, he shot in colours because colours fascinated him and he thinks shooting in colour was more challenging and complex. In conclusion, photography is about learning about oneself and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Most importantly, do whatever you want, shoot whatever you want, do it for yourself.


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